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Our book reviews and author features bring you up to date with the best writers in town. You can keep track of literary events across the UK, as well as writers’ groups and international retreats.

All that’s left to say is dive in and see what you can find. We’ve also got books for sale in our shop and the authors would just love to pocket your pennies - it means they can afford to keep writing! - so maybe take a peek and see what takes your fancy.


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We Want Your Books Listed on Our Website


Whether you're an established author or have recently released your first text into the wild, wild literary world, we want to add your book to our collection.

Writing Times currently sells tens of publications and we're looking to add more to our collection. Whatever you chosen genre, we'll list your title at the price you want and, for an extra charge, we can write a book review and will even throw in an author feature, that's an interview conducted and copied up by one of our resident writers, allowing your readers to get to know the mind behind the words.

Right now for authors not yet in our shop, we're offering a one-time charge of £5.00 for a single book listing, and £10.00 for three books. Fill in our online book submission form here.


Book Club

Writing Times' Online Community for Avid Readers

book club

Our members choose a book to peruse each month, which is then pulled apart like a literary carcass on our dedicated Book Club Facebook page. This month's subject to scrutiny is 'The Penguin Lessons' by Tim Michell.

If you would like to keep your book shelves stocked with the latest bestsellers and meet like-minded people, simply click here to sign up.

Clients feedback - "The copywriting services you provided were of a high standard. My only regret is that I didn't come to you sooner. But better late than never. I recommend anyone who runs a business to contact writing times today." – Jacob Newham, USA


Competition Time

Fortaine Black themed, enter to win £50 prizes


There are regular competitions for adults and children offering tasty cash rewards and all the joy of having your winning piece on our site for the world to see. 

Until 30th June 2017, for grown-ups we're running both a poetry and a short story competition based on the theme of 'Fortaine Black'. And 5 to 12-year-olds, we are holding competitions on the them of 'Superheroes and Supervillains' .

Enter our current competitions now.



Copywriting, Translation, Proofreading and More


If you’re a business, keen writer, student, or confused about the art of stringing together all those funny little lines, squiggles and dots, we offer writing services – copywriting, proofreading and translation – design and illustration packages, and plenty of resources provided by our trusted, expert, highly-qualified, specialist, masters-of-everything-word-related professionals. And if you’re applying for a job, Writing Times can help out with your CV and cover letter to give you the best shot at your employment goals.

Discover how we can help you.

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Course of the Week

'Adapting Work for the Stage and Screen'


Everyone's got a book in them. But few people turn that book from an idea into something real. If you want to become one of the few, this course will get you there. Whether you've started a novel you can't finish, or you're struggling to write your first few words, you'll lean everything you need to get to the end. 

The course combines self-coaching techniques, a goal-setting and practical writing exercises designed to get you the result you want: a finished novel

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