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11 Must-have Online Editing and Proofreading Tools Every Freelance Writer Needs to Know About


If you're a freelance writer you will know that your body of work speaks for itself. Clients will hire you based on your experience and the past work you've produced. They'll continue to give you work if you're producing high quality content consistently. With a little assistance from these tools, freelancers can boost the quality of their work by minimizing errors and enhancing the level of content.

1. Hemingway App

By using this instant readability scoring tool and editor, you can make sure you're writing is hitting a reading level your audience is capable of understanding. Errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling will be highlighted and color coded for easy reference. Stylistic improvements are pointed out so your writing can be its absolute best.

2. ProWritingAid

Edit as you go (so you don't miss a beat) with the help of ProWritingAid. This tool works directly within your word processor so there's no need to copy and paste your content into another checker to find your errors. Because it works as you write, you won't have to stop working to do you editing.

3. Write My Essay

Writers know that the best proofreading and editing tool is not a tool at all, but rather a real person. UK Writings has a team of professional proofreaders who are ready to edit your work with a sharp and trained eye, to find the errors that a computerized checker just can't.

4. Readable

Your content should be clear, concise and free of any clutter that could interfere with your message. Readable helps you cut through the noise to streamline your writing and help your message be heard. Because readers have a generally short attention span, it's important that your content cuts to the chase and leaves fluffy fillers out.

5. Cite It In

Whenever you're referring to outside sources within your work, ensure that you're including proper citations with some help from this citation generating tool. Just input the information it asks you for and you'll get perfect citations every single time.

6. Assignment Help

When you need a second set of eyes to look over your work, professional editors are always on hand to help at EssayRoo. As experts in their field, they'll be able to look through your work for context and relevance as well as general errors.

7. Easy Word Count

More often than not, your clients will set a specific word count for you to meet or stay within. Ensure you're using an accurate word counting tool, by enlisting Easy Word Count to give you a precise tally of your words and characters used.

8. Slick Write

Lightning fast editing at your fingertips: This free editing resource can provide you with customized feedback so you're able to make the necessary changes to your work that will engage your audience and improve your overall level of writing.

9. Ginger

When you want to write, and edit on the go, Ginger is the tool you'll need. Downloadable to any device, you'll be able to produce a pristine copy no matter where you are and no matter what device you're using. Just because you're on the go doesn't mean that you should allow errors to make their way into your content and, with Ginger, you can help prevent that from happening altogether.

10. Custom Essay

It's always great to have a skilled team of professionals behind you but, if you work solo, it could be difficult to find individuals with the right skill set. That's where Boom Essays fits in- they're the experienced professionals you'll want to have in your corner when you need extra assistance with editing and proofreading before sending work out to your clients. Keep your content free of errors by enlisting the help of professional proofreaders.

11. Paper Fellows

Join this community of writers, coming together to help one another improve their writing skills. New writers are able to draw from the experience and expertise of seasoned writers, to nurture their talent and develop their skills.

When working in the freelance world, you've got to show your worth in the work you produce. Ensure that you're demonstrating the true value of the work you do by utilizing these tools to create high quality content with consistency.

Article by Gloria Kopp

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