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How to Keep Creative and Productive

Time is the most valuable thing you’ll ever own. A minute wasted is a minute lost forever. We constantly hear about the power of productivity and creativity and yet we find ourselves zoning out. Is there something in your life that you wish you tried but never got to? Do you wish you could finish that college degree or start your own blog? Well, the time for that is right now. Follow these helpful strategies and bring yourself closer to achieving your goals.

Write it down

Spend time on brainstorming your goals. Write them down and put tramlines next to each one. You can even go as far as writing steps to follow. When you write something down, you are making a subconscious commitment to yourself. Your mind recognizes the list as a goal and so you are more likely to feel guilty when you go to procrastinate.

Eliminate distractions

To rid yourself of distraction, is of course easier said than done but it is important to eliminate as many distractions as you can. In this day and age, our phones may be the biggest distraction of them all. For example, you may receive a text message from a friend who needs help editing an essay and before you know it, you are reading articles on how to proof read essays. Another big distraction is your laptop! In order to avoid becoming distracted by the internet, try to restrict the websites that you waste the most time on.

Let your family and friends know that you will be busy working for a period of time and make sure they understand that it’s important not to disturb you. It is easy to become distracted by your friends interesting story or gossip while you are supposed to be using your time productively. All it takes is one break in concentration.

Act fast

When you have a creative idea, it is important to act as quickly as possible. Once you let that thought get away from you, it is almost guaranteed that you will forget it. You don’t need to have thought of all the details, all you need to do is begin.

If you get an idea on a great topic for your blog, write it down and start on the first draft. You can always come back to it later to proofread and edit. Your ideas will be most creative the minute they pop into your head.

The Morning ritual

Starting your day in a way that inspires you sparks your creativity and fuels your productivity. Try keeping a routine and do the same things every morning. After your morning ritual, start your creative work. Eventually, your mind will associate your morning ritual with creativity and the ideas should keep flowing.

Some of the world’s most successful people have a morning ritual. Your morning ritual can include drinking a fresh cup of coffee or going for a run. Perhaps you prefer yoga and meditation to get you in a particular zone. Whatever works for you, do it every day. A chaotic morning will make you feel irritable and stressed and will therefore take you longer to relax and concentrate on your work.

Have a camera handy

The things that inspire us are, at the time, often beyond explanation. We are left bewildered or overwhelmed and therefore a little uncertain of what to write. Capturing such moments by taking photos will be of great help if you are suffering from a creative block. Use the photo’s as inspiration for ideas. Looking back at them can stimulate creativity. Inspiration is key to motivation.

Though, inspiration is not always found outside. Inspiration can be found in the comforts of your home: Your kids might do something cute or your mum might try on her prom outfit. Moments such as these occur in everyday situations. Capture those moments and be inspired to create something original.


Your creativity is like a muscle. If you exercise this muscle often, it will only get stronger. Any muscle you don’t use for a while will weaken. Try and exercise your creativity by creating more. Sometimes you just have to sit down and do what needs to be done, especially when you don’t feel like it! If you are waiting to be in the ‘zone’, you might find yourself waiting forever. The only person who can get you in to the ‘zone’ is yourself.

For example, if you have to write a blog post but you are lacking motivation, just begin writing and see what you come up with. Break down that creative barrier. Your first attempt may be terrible but that’s what drafts are for! Soon you’ll find your creative flow. If you’re still struggling to write about a specific topic, write about something you enjoy to recapture your positivity. Write about your cute puppy or failing that, the cute guy next door.

To conclude

Productive people have their own routines and practices to ensure their minds are in the best state for creativity. Improve your creativity by making efforts to maintain your productivity. Whatever your goal is, just start, even if you’re not feeling it!


Article by Linda Jellison 

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