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Which Writing Techniques Are Popular This Year?


When you decide on which writing style to use, it is important to think about it for a minute. Choosing a writing technique depends on your story and how you would like to deliver it. There are many writing techniques to use and the essence of the story can change with each one. You want to communicate your message while adhering to all the top grammar rules. Consider the deliverance of the story as well as the audience. From here, you can select the perfect style and technique.


This type of writing focuses on detail. You want to explain as much as you can. The reader must get to know everything about the characters, the scene and the objects surrounding them. If you are writing about a rock, you want to explain the shape, the texture and the size of that rock. You need to explain how the rock came to be and how it ended up in its current environment... You get the point. The definitive point here is detail and description of everything involved in your story.


Writing the perfect story relies on choosing the right narrative. Despite being the writer and telling the story, your voice is completely silent. As the writer, you display the views of the characters only. This technique can be likened to screenwriting although, many short story writers also love to use this style of writing. You must become the character. Express their emotions as if they were your own and submerge yourself into the scene of the character. Moreover, it is important to check your punctuation. Perhaps use a semicolon checker as well. You can also paraphrase online free of charge if you are struggling with finding the correct flow for your sentences.


We all like to persuade others to change their opinions to those of ours. With persuasive writing, you should convince the readers that your views are correct. When adopting a persuasive writing style, your aim is to ensure that the reader trusts the ideas you present. You should have a strong argument and cannot expect someone to change their perception without proof. Undertake substantial research on your topic and cover all avenues to make sure you aren’t proven wrong two minutes after putting your statement out to the public.


This is be one of my favourite writing styles because you can put forth various arguments about a story or fact. You can argue for and against a point and perceive things from different angles. As the writer, you get to explore the pros and cons of varying concepts. Subjective writing is interesting because, while one argument may prove stronger than the other, you have at least given the reader the opportunity to decide what they think.

Pull into action

You want to pull your readers in to your story. While having gripping characters and exciting scenes are important for a good story, there is more to it. When you read a great action novel with explosions and weird creatures, you place yourself in the story scene. You want the reader to hear the bomb explode or feel the snakes crawling all over them. Few writers have mastered this art, although there are some famous authors who have managed to get it right. They are, of course, famous because their writing is so intriguing that their readers are pulled into the action of the story.


Writing is a great skill that we all must learn to master. You will always be required to write, even if you are not a professional author. Throughout life you are required to write essays, personal statements, reports and all sorts of writing projects. Therefore, everyone should spend a significant amount of time practicing their writing skills and there is no time to waste. You can find many paraphrasing services that can help with the flow of your writing. Finally, try and find as much time as you can to read interesting content. You will broaden your vocabulary and pick up on different writing styles and techniques.This will help you produce better written content.

                                                                             Article by Linda Jellison 

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