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Through Thorns to The Stars: Famous Novelists


We have had so many great novelists through the years and it is the ones who have a story behind their journey that intrigues us the most. There are those who seem to do it effortlessly and then there are those who must work through struggles to get things done. Life is full of challenges and sometimes we must persevere before success is reached. Many novelists have had to overcome and fight their own demons in the hopes of reaching their end goals.

End goals means different things for all of us, but your goal is still important and we are all worthy enough to get there. Sometimes you have to push a little harder and run a little faster. We can take some motivation from the following novelists who had to overcome adversities and disabilities.

Maxim Gorky

I have great admiration for Maxim Gorky because he had to overcome poverty and abandonment before we got to know who he is. He was living in an orphanage at a young age and then was raised by his grandmother who did not have much money. I do not think that money is what makes us successful, but he faced a lot of adversity before he became one of Russia’s most popular novelists. His father died of cholera when he was at the tender age of five. After his mother remarried, she decided to let his grandparents raise him. It was no joy being raised by his grandparents because his grandfather was a strict and abusive man. On the other hand, his grandmother shared her love for folktales with him. We can assume that this played an important role in his love for literature.

He began writing in the 1890s and changed his name from Peshkov to Maxim Gorky. The word, ‘Gorky’, means bitter which reflects how he felt about life. In 1895 he published his first short story named Chelkash which became very popular during those times. After this, he went on to become one of the best novelists Russia gave the world. Some of his famous published books include The Life of Klim Samgin and The Bystander.

Agatha Christie

The best-selling novelist of all time is Agatha Christie. She went on to sell over two Billion copies and translated her novels in more than 103 languages. She is a perfect example of a novelist who overcome her challenges and proved to the world that a disability can’t hold you back from being successful. Agatha proved to the world that when you have the right amount of courage and perseverance, you can achieve anything and everything.

She is famous for her detective novels and a beautiful short story collection that is widely liked and appreciated. Many people might not know that she was suffering from a disability which was un-addressed to the world for a long time; A learning disability commonly known as Dysgraphia. Despite having this extraordinary disability, she has showed us that courage will take you far in life. Her learning disability wasn’t reason enough to stop her from writing. Instead, it became the reason for her drive to succeed.

J.K. Rowling 

We all know the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling. Even though her books became best sellers, it did not come easy for her. Her life symbolizes a rags to riches story, as she emerged from the low sub-profile to the couch of a billionaire.

She lived her life as an unemployed single mother and although she was a sufferer of depression at one stage in her life, she still pushed through. Interestingly, she wrote about extreme topics which must have been a great escape for her at the time.

As mentioned, her experience was accompanied with depression, but that never put boundaries on her dreams. You can find many references to Rowling's past struggles online. Her life has not been the easiest but she overcame the odds through her determined and positive attitude. J.K Rowling is one of the most liked novelists and the world needs good writers like her for the growing demand of literature.

James Baldwin

The famous 20th Century writer, James Baldwin is one to remember when it comes to beautiful literature. He has given the world such amazing and good examples, including an essay collection on the notes of a “Native Son” and his first novel Go Tell It on the Mountain. Baldwin’s work was really a throwback that gave people the desire to read them more and more.

He also wrote a Semi – Autobiographical novella; Giovanni’s Room. It displays a strange storyline where the character didn’t say a word to anyone about his unusual relationships with other men. Baldwin was under severe depression that affected his everyday life. He even tried many times to end his life, but never succeed in those attempts. Unfortunately, he died in 1987 due to cancer.

It’s hard to believe that there were so many problems in his life. Still, he proved to be worthy. We all have thorns in our lives, but if we take a lesson from this novelist, we will realize that you can come out from under the weight of your struggles.

Analysis of literature Writing Novelists

Writing literature is an art and you need to practice daily to attain the perfection in that field. A literature analysis gives an understanding of the best and worst moments in a novelist’s life and how they succeed despite having those challenges. Literature analysis is a subtle way of describing the novelist’s valuable points. If you want to write your own report, just look for some reflective journal templates, chose one and use it as a guide. If it is your first time writing a literature review, use all the online tools available to you. You can find an apostrophe checker and a punctuation checker. I find an online punctuation checker especially helpful.

Writing a literary analysis paper needs to be done by a writer who is willing to dig deep and research all the important information and make sure nothing is left out. From the basic knowledge about the novelist to the in-depth stories about them; you need to know it all to develop the best literary analysis paper.

Writing a literature analysis is a big task in itself. Every writer should be careful in the work they do because it needs to end up in the best reflective report. When writing literary criticism, it is important to give a fair overview of the novelist. You should know the important parts of the story that are hidden and bring it to the masses.


We all face struggles in life, but it is important to persevere through it all and never give up on your dreams. Let’s take a positive lesson from their lives and apply it to our own. Life is too short to not go for every good opportunity that comes your way.

Make this life that you have the best journey and experience. Do not look at other’s lives and wish you could walk in their shoes. We are all here for a reason and you are worthy of achieving all your goals. Now go out and get it done. Good luck!

Article by Linda Jellison

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