Book Review: The Invisible Library


Genevieve Cogman’s The Invisible Library is the type of novel that comes along very rarely. A Mystery/Fantasy Hybrid that will appeal to the bookworm in all of us, it follows the latest adventure of Irene – a literature… ‘procurer’ for a mysterious and inter-dimensional Library – and her assistant/trainee Kai.

Seeking what is termed within the official synopsis as ‘a dangerous book’, they move through alternate Londons, as well as the Library itself, in order to track it down and ‘liberate’ it from its current holder. Along the way, they must deal with magic, Mythological creatures, chaos, and others who want the book for their own.

The central character, Irene, is relatable and believable amidst scenarios that are anything but. Not once would a reader doubt her actions or viewpoint, creating a reality that is incredibly easy to accept. Her friends and enemies are interesting and, very often unexpected, keeping the plot lively and fresh for the reader.

Throughout the novel, Cogman seamlessly weaves back story and politics in to the plot to create a world which the reader could easily assume they have encountered before. Everything about this world is constantly both familiar and mysterious, including the characters - Especially the characters. Reader be warned: any assumptions created early on are likely to be wrong. Better to be swept along than try to second guess where the current will travel.

With shades of The Librarian Film (and TV) series – an almost living library existing in a reality apart from ours and housing treasures unimaginable – The Invisible Library introduces a universe with a lot of potential. With its sequel The Masked City already in the editorial stage and due to be set for release in early December 2015, The Invisible Library is worth investing both time and energy in.

Written by Marie Zaharaki

Publication Information:  

TITLE The Invisible Library
AUTHOR Genevieve Cogman
PUBLISHER Pan Macmillan
RELEASE 15 January 2015
(paperback) 336 pages
(paperback) £5.59 (GBP)
(e-book)  £3.99 (GBP)
ISBN-10 1447256239
ISBN-13 978-1447256243

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