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Book Review: A Questionable Friendship


What is a true friendship? Do we ever really know someone? As a good friend, should we be able to read what is going on behind closed doors? 'A Questionable Friendship' makes us consider all of these dilemmas with March taking us on a journey of two women's long-standing friendship, and how it changes and develops over a short space of time.

Both Brynne and Portland are likeable characters and it is clear to the reader that they are really good friends. The dual narrative allows us to experience how both women feel about each other and how they deal with issues that arise in their daily lives.

The two women both experience tough times but struggle to talk to each other about it...perhaps until it is too late. A mixture of pride, jealousy and fear stops them from really confiding in each other when it really matters. Many women will relate to this in their own lives and with their own friendships. There is always that one thing that you want to keep from your friends, there is always a feeling at one time or another that your friend is keeping something from you and how we deal with this is discussed in this novel.

'A Questionable Friendship' is a 'can't put me down' read. Once you start, you have to keep going to find out whether Brynne and Portland will confide in each other.

March was clever in her creation of the two best friends; you really feel like you know them and go along on this journey with them. The other more minor characters are also created well - emphasising the different lives that they lead. Brynne's husband and daughter are adorable and  Portland's husband is constantly shown with a side of mystery.

Despite this truly being about a friendship between two women, the ending was not what I expected at all. Although a clue is given at the beginning, March keeps the reader in suspense and hits them with the ending that was unpredictable but extremely moving.

The characters, storyline, dual narrative and surprise ending all make this book one to read. March invites you into the world of Brynne and Portland to experience what you would think to be a 'true friendship.' Even more insight into the key dilemmas would make this novel even better but the reluctance to give too many details away allows March to add a mystery to what the women face and allow the reader the chance to come to their own conclusions after finishing reading. A truly wonderful and moving story of two friends that makes us question our own friendships in life.

By Arline Mellor


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