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Book Review: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

With ‘Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children’ coming into cinemas soon, I thought I’d get the trilogy read and appreciated. ‘Hollow City’ is the second of the three books and undoubtedly as brilliant as the first.

Continuing on from the discovery of his own peculiarism, Jacob must use all of his courage and wits to help himself and his new peculiar friends find the last free Ymbryne in the hopes of saving Miss Peregrine from being stuck in her bird form forever. With the Wights on their tail, Jacob, Emma and their group of unusual characters travel across time loops, dance with gypsies and hunt down peculiar pigeons. But when they finally find the Ymbryne that can save their headmistress, all is not as it seems and a big shock is instore for the newfound friends. Once the realisation has dawned, it becomes too late and the Wights manage to trap the majority of the group, taking them far away from Jacob and Emma. Alas, hope is ignited in Jacob’s heart once more when he discovers his abilities not only allow him to speak to Hollowgast, but control them. With this new knowledge and the help of a small dog, he escapes the Wights’ clutches to fight another day.

My favourite part when reading a novel has always been the characters, no matter how terrible a storyline you might have (even though this one is amazing), it can always be held up so long as the characters are honest and vibrant. ‘Hollow City’ is simply brimming with exotic and vibrant characters, blurring the lines between human and peculiar. Each individual’s story intrigues and enchants. With these characters and settings that can only truly be pictured in the mind, you have a treasure chest of literary wealth. Riggs’ imagination is extraordinary, and to think the majority of the novel like the others in the trilogy, were inspired and written around old vintage photos found at house clearances and the like. There is an artistry in the way Riggs weaves the story and the photos together, and that in itself is something to be admired. I highly recommend the novel, I couldn’t put it down.

Written by Lauren Noding

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