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Book review of The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini begins the emotional journey of The Kite Runner by setting it in 1970s Afghanistan, where social hierarchies are strictly in place and the division between the servants and the landowners are prominent. The narrative form is introduced through the eyes of Amir, a naïve boy whose only goal is to impress his father but the only way he can do that is to win a local kite fighting tournament.Hassan, is a servant to Amir and his father but he is also Amir’s best friend and together they attempt to help Amir win a place in his father’s heart.

The novel is structured in a way so that it flicks back and forth between the past and present of Amir’s life and how the tragic events of his past have affected him recently. There is particular focus on the value of Amir’s relationship with Hassan. In the present day, Amir begins to set off on a journey of redemption in order to make things right and fix his past mistakes.

The friendship between Amir and Hassan was the most emotional aspect of the whole novel because the way Hosseini portrayed this relationship was the most crucial feature that pulled at my heart and many others. Hassan was the loyal and sacrificial friend that would serve to Amir’s needs but this was all shattered when a brutal event had ruined the lives of Amir and Hassan. It was painful to see that these children had changed from a state of innocence to experience instantly due to this single tragic event.

The story built its emotion up as it was told through the perspective of a naïve boy, when he witnessed this gruesome event. It was frightening and heart-breaking to see how such an event could instantly take away the purity and innocence of the two boys that day.

Hosseini is a remarkable storyteller who tells the tale of a young boy, who grew up and begins to take a journey to seek redemption for his past mistake, and throughout that journey I encountered a friendship that could not have been stronger and a love that will last a lifetime. The struggles throughout the book made Amir’s journey of redemption valuable and precious to Hassan resulting in a friendship worth the fight. What I also loved about Hosseini’s work is that it is set in Afghanistan and I was intrigued towards the culture and religion. The place where Amir and Hassan had grew up is so different and unfamiliar to me yet it was so compelling and led me to be indulged by this new culture, which is what made Hosseini, in my opinion, an amazing literary writer because he gives us something different and captivating to read about.

Review by Faheema Faheema

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