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Book Review: Sue Townsend's 'The Woman who Went to Bed for a Year'

When I overheard a woman at work say how good “The Woman who Went to Bed for a Year” was I was puzzled. I couldn’t see how a book about a woman spending a year in bed would be an enjoyable read. For starters I was guessing the majority of scenes would be set in the one room which would be dull to say the least. I kept my thoughts to myself and didn’t think anything more of it until I walked past a bookshop the following weekend and saw “TWWTB” displayed in the window. I must admit I felt intrigues and realised there must be something more to the book than I’d initially thought if it was good enough to display in the window.

Moments later I walked out of the shop carrying a plastic bag containing the “TWWTB”. I hadn’t realised when I first heard about this book that it was written by Sue Townsend, who wrote the books I loved reading on Adrian Mole. I was warming to the book now I knew it was written by an author I liked and as I walked home I looked forward to reading it later on.

When I read the opening chapter I was surprised to find myself warming to the main character “Eva”. Sue Townsend managed to display perfectly how much hard work it can be at times for a wife and mother doing practically everything for everyone with no thanks and being taken for granted. Upon reading further into “TWWTB” I found myself unable to put it down. “TWWTB” was not boring in anyway, there was humour, some eye candy for the ladies in the form of Alexander – the man in the white van! (You had to use your imagination of course) but he sounded gorgeous to me with the description Sue Townsend used. “TWWTB” was not set in the one room as I’d initially thought and there was the perfect balance of sub stories to make it an enjoyable read.

When I reached the end of “TWWTB” I was happy to have followed Eva on her journey and thoroughly enjoyed every page of the book. I would recommend this as the perfect book to snuggle up and read in the comfort of your own home.

Review by Sue Cawte


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