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Book Review: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, is filled with romance and tragedy that pulls at your heart strings. There is no exaggeration when it comes to the title of the book for Gatsby is one of the greatest characters to ever be encountered. 

For many, Gatsby is known as the dazzling, glamorous character who is adored by all, not to mention a popular topic of gossip but he is a man of mystery. Throughout the novel, he wears a mask behind which are hidden the dark enigmas and secrets of his past that remains withheld from the curiosity of others. However, the shining image of him is soon shattered through the tragic, twisted events. 

The novel is presented through the perspective of Nick Carraway, and I find the chronology of the book confusing, like parts of a puzzle which don’t quite fit until it come together at the end, once you pieced it all together in the right place. 

It’s a beautifully heart-breaking tragedy that tells the story of a young, naïve boy who fell in love with a girl and mysteries of his past that are picked up along the way. A classic love story. Yet so sad due to the unrequitedness of love portrayed and the boy who chased after his dreams his whole life but never achieved them. 

Gatsby, to me, was still this naïve boy who knows so little about the reality of life but knew so much of this big dream he had created for himself. What I found to be the saddest part of the novel was that he had everything but the one thing he wanted could never be his. 

This literary piece was beautifully written through the mysteries and tragedies of Gatsby’s life but also through the description of the luxuries possessed in Long Island. Love triangles formed, friendships grew and tension built all through the summer of 1920s America. 

I also think that despite Nick being the narrator of the novel and speculating some information about the events of the book, his ability to romanticise Gatsby made me adore him even more as a character, which is another skill Fitzgerald has attained that is highlighted throughout of the novel. 

Friends and enemies, love and affairs, dreams and realities all collide into the novel of The Great Gatsby which sets the scene of the roaring 20s, through the jazz and the scandals, perfectly.

Written by Faheema Faheema



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1. Harley thorpe wrote:
The characters seem so gripping. Great reveiw. Thank you

15/08/2016 @ 8:42 PM

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