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Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella


Meet Rebecca Brandon (née Bloomwood), the protagonist of the ‘Shopaholic’ series and Kinsella’s most loved character. As the years have passed, avid readers have followed her journey as a ‘reformed’ shopaholic, her life abroad, get married, have a baby and even be a stylist to the stars. In the latest instalment, Becky is on a mission to rescue her Dad and her best friend’s husband, who have mysteriously disappeared, last seen heading to Las Vegas!

Becky, her husband Luke, her two-year old daughter Minnie, her best friend Suze, Alicia ‘Bitch Long-Legs,’ her Mum and best friend Janice all embark in an RV to head towards Las Vegas. Who can predict what mischief Becky will get up to? Always willing to gamble on a new pair of boots in the past, will she survive a trip to the casino?  Moreover, what will happen when her fashion designer best friend Danny arrives or the drama that may unfold when Elinor, Luke’s mother appears at the same hotel? We follow these much-loved characters as they not only go on a journey to Vegas and beyond, but also a journey of family and friendships as they try to mend the actions from the past.

Whether you have read the series or not, Shopaholic to the Rescue is a great read. It has all of the laugh out loud quality that Kinsella brings when allowing us to follow Becky and her action packed life, as well as a plot line that just keeps twisting and turning throughout. What is interesting in this instalment is the view of Becky that we see. She is different; it is as if we see a deeper side to her in this story, a more grown-up Becky that more mature readers who have grown up with the series will be seeking. On the surface, it would seem all is well in the world of Becky Bloomwood, apart from the drama of her Dad disappearing of course, but we get to see her internal struggles. She battles for her lifelong friendship with Suze, tries to deal with the guilt of being a bad daughter and reveals a personal struggle that will tug at the heartstrings of her readers.

This didn’t grab me from the second I opened the cover, but I have never been a fan of leaving a book on a cliff-hanger and this one picks straight back up from Shopaholic to the Stars. However, once I passed this personal hurdle, it turned out to be a page-turner, an easy read for those summer holidays coming up and a familiar world that you can completely escape into. It is always amusing and entertaining to visit the ‘shopaholic’ world from time to time but this latest world seems a little more real, a place that you can relate to and empathise with what the characters go through.

Written by Arline Mellor

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