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Copywriting from the ground up - 12 Month Course, 10 Spaces Available

Do you need to write as part of your job, and wish it came more easily to you? Do you run a business, and struggle to keep on top of your marketing? Or maybe you’re thinking of becoming a freelance copywriter?

This course will give all the knowledge you need to influence people with your words.

You’ll develop your writing skills and your creativity. You’ll finish the course able to sit down at your desk, and write the words you need to persuade, inspire and sell.

1) What is copywriting for?

You’ll gain understanding of the basic principles of copywriting. You’ll learn the difference between good copywriting and good writing.You’ll learn how to write with a purpose in mind, engaging people and winning their hearts and minds.


You’ll be given an imaginary product and asked to define the key benefits that will sell it.

2) Understanding your audience.

You’ll learn how to work out who you should be writing for and what they want from you. You’ll see how you can find out where your customers are and target them effectively. You’ll learn to use the power of words to create long-lasting relationships.


You’ll be given an imaginary product, and asked to choose a product of your own (which could be one that you sell yourself at work or in your business). For both these products, you’ll be asked to visualise a customer, and create a pen sketch of them.

3) Tone of voice.

You’ll discover how to define the values of a brand (which could be your own or could be imaginary). You’ll gain understanding of how to work with designers and others during a branding exercise. You’ll see how to turn the values you define into an authentic tone of voice, and why this is important.


You’ll choose a brand, and define its core values. Using these values as your guide, you’ll write some simple tone of voice guidelines.

4) Planning a piece of writing.

You’ll see why planning is vital to good copywriting. You’ll learn how to create plans that will help you write faster and more effectively. You’ll learn how to make copywriting part of a business plan and gain an understanding of the value of a content strategy.


Using the brand and tone of voice guidelines you wrote in Module Three, you’ll write an outline plan of a company website, and a detailed plan of its About Us page.

5) Writing for the web.

You’ll gain understanding of the ways in which writing for the web can be different to writing for print, and how it can be the same.You’ll learn how to create content that is loved by both people and search engines. You’ll learn everything need to write a fantastic, effective website.


Using either your own business, or one you’d like to start, you’ll write your Home page.

6) Blogs and articles.

You’ll find out what blogging is, why it’s become so important and how to make it worth your time.You’ll learn how to blog with social media in mind.
 You’ll discover why print articles still have their place, and how to write them.


You’ll be given a simple brief and be asked to use it to write a well-researched and influential blog.

7) Direct selling.

You’ll learn how to write emails that get noticed in crowded inboxes and sales letters that inspire action. You’ll discover the value of a newsletter. You’ll learn how to write great product descriptions for websites and for print brochures.


You’ll be given an imaginary new product and asked to write an email launching it to customers.

8) Corporate communications.

You’ll find out whether communicating is different from selling, and how to do it brilliantly. You’ll learn how to write informative reports, newsletters and updates that people will want to read. You’ll discover the value of having all-round writing skills.


You’ll be asked to write two short reports detailing the progress of two imaginary companies: one successful, the other not.

9) Writing for non-profits.

You’ll learn how you can use the power of words to encourage people to donate or engage. You’ll learn how to tell people about difficult or uncomfortable subject matter sensitively. You’ll learn how to write inclusively, reaching out to diverse audiences.


You’ll write a charity campaign leaflet that communicates something important but potentially upsetting.

10) Amazing headlines.

You’ll learn why headlines are so important and what the key ingredients of successful headlines are. You’ll learn how to use a piece of writing to find inspiration for its headline. You’ll learn how to use sub-headings to guide your reader through the page.


You’ll be asked to come up with three alternative headlines for an article, choose your favourite and explain your choice.

11) Creativity and your inner critic.

You’ll learn how to deal with your inner critic when writing, staying motivated and ignoring your self-doubt. You’ll learn why everyone can become a writer, even people who hated English at school. You’ll see how you can be highly creative while selling things successfully.


You’ll be asked to assess your own strengths and weaknesses as a writer. You’ll put in place a plan to help you combat your weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths.

12) Working collaboratively.

You’ll learn when and how to enlist the help of others when you write. You’ll learn some simple editing and proofreading techniques that you can use to improve your writing, and that of others. You’ll gain an understanding of how to take on board feedback and use it to your advantage.


You’ll be asked to suggest improvements to a piece of copywriting, based on what you’ve learned during the course. 

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