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  • Education in the Balance by Raphael Wilkins

Education in the Balance by Raphael Wilkins

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Education in the Balance explores the significant choices and opportunities, worldwide that are opening up to school leaders of the future for the development of schools and school systems. It argues that the judgments of individuals in leadership positions in a wide range of settings, including ministries of education, schools, private companies and NGOs may, cumulatively, have unintended implications for schools and school systems, and, because of insufficient consideration of alternative approaches, may miss opportunities to achieve greater or more widespread educational benefits. The future of school education depends on the quality of its leaders, and in particular, on the readiness of leadership to act for the long term and with a sense of global responsibility. 

What knowledge, skills and attributes will these new leaders of schools need, and how can they be developed? Raphael Wilkins maps out these issues, drawing on his first-hand experience as an international consultant in education leadership. This book supports the strategic leadership of schools and school systems, by mapping global issues and developments, helping leaders to reflect on their chosen pathways and options, and to identify their own professional development needs.

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