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Fanfiction: Ignore the snobs, it can help!

Now, if you're a fangirl/boy like myself (so many fandoms, so little time), then you've probably read some fanfiction in your time; you may have even written some yourself. And although, sadly you can't profit from fanfiction (though Bridget Jones' Diary is basically Pride and Prejudice fan fiction, he's even called 'Mr Darcy' how much more obvious can you get?!), it can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

People can be very snobby about fanfiction, ‘it’s not real writing’ with opinions such as‘it’s not creative as they’re not your characters, or your worlds it’s stealing’. What I would like to say to such people, is that it involves a great deal of profanity, also that fanfiction is fun to read and write, and is extremely creative in many ways. To be able to take characters from somebody else’s imagination and to accurately portray them in different situations, interacting with other characters so that you forget it’s not part of the original story involves a great deal of talent and patience.

My head is crammed full of fanfiction ideas; the characters of the Harry Potter franchise in a Friends type sit-com, the Mortal Instruments crew at Hogwarts.What if Flynn Rider was an international jewel thief, and Rapunzel a reporter trying to prove his identity (this may be a little Superman and Spiderman inspired too!) Although I have yet to write these wonderful escapades, fanfiction can be a good way to start out if you're a bit nervous about OC’s (original characters to the less fanfiction savvy). Fanfiction can get you thinking about how different characters may react in different situations, and can inspire OC’s of your own, so that they're less static. It may even push you to put them into situations where you really have to think about how your character WOULD act, rather than how you'd LIKE them to act.

At any rate, fanfiction can be a joy to read or write, and no matter how many hits you get, even if it's just a handful, it can give your writing a confidence boost. After all, somebody else out there must want to know how Ron and Hermione's ended up being 'on a break'!

Article by Hannah Brown

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