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Film Review: Last Night (2010)


A man and a woman. Husband and wife. College sweethearts. An English couple, married for 3 years, living in a different country and a very demanding city.

 Location: New York.
Joanna is a writer. Michael works in real estate investment.
There is another man whom she likes.
There is another woman to whom he is attracted.
There is one night when they are not together, dangerously close to the forbidden ones.


We have Keira Knightly(Joanna), charming and gracious, Sam Worthington (Michael), handsome and attractive, Eva Mendes (Laura), sensual and incredibly sexy and Guillaume Canet (Alex), mysterious and charming.

The adventure of this film is to make you wonder: is cheating OK if it is not physical, or is it much worse when it perpetually happens in your mind?

Joanna and Michael both have the opportunity to cheat, while Michael is on a business trip for one night. Both allow a leap time for anything to happen before they get back together. Both cheat: one physically and regrets it immediately, the other one cheats in a non physical manner and remains with the question: what if? Can cheating sex be less damaging to a relationship than not having sex?

The film explores not only the hardship of a marriage that happens between two people who decide to make the step at a young age, but also the loneliness in which sometimes a couple can get stuck, when they have no one else around but each other.

It is a quiet film, drawing infidelity within the frames of common sense. At the end of the day, compatibility cannot translate into passion.

The film ends with Joanna and Michael hugging and yourself wondering what is next. You are in for a surprise though.

Buy a bottle of nice wine, get comfy and play “Last Night”. You will love it and it will leave you with a feeling that you are allowed to make mistakes. It is the beauty of being humans.

Until next time, have a beautiful week, with great films.


Review provided by Otilia Galca

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