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Film Review: Nightcrawler

When I went to the cinema on Saturday night I had planned to see a different film to “Nightcrawler” but due to me and a friend losing track of time we realised we were too late to watch it. We made a quick decision out of the available films which were showing to watch “Nightcrawler”. Not knowing anything about the film, I sat down in my seat not knowing what to expect.

The first thing which caught my attention was the name Jake Gyllenhaal coming up on the screen at the start of the film. I commented to my friend that I was pleased he was in the film due to me liking him when he played the titular role in Donnie Darko.

When I did see JG on the screen though, he was almost unrecognisable due to him being a lot slimmer and scruffy looking. JG played the character Louis Bloom, who was roaming the streets of LA trying to find employment; he appeared desperate and weird in his behaviour.

After watching LB's cringe-worthy efforts of trying to get a job fail, he decides to make his own luck by going into the business of crime journalism. “Nightcrawler” is fast paced, with plenty of speed car journeys by LB chasing around all over the place to get his photographs of crime scenes.

“Nightcrawler” is not for the faint hearted, due to there being pretty gruesome images at times throughout the film. This is however not a blood thirsty film. The main storyline focuses on the lengths LB goes to in order to reach the top.

As well as JG, there are two other well-known actors in “Nightcrawler” in the form of Rene Russo and Bill Paxton. RR is well cast in her role of Nina Romina; the scenes she shares with JG are funny and enjoyable viewing. Bill Paxton plays Joe Loder, a crime journalist who JG constantly tries to beat to the crime scene in order to obtain the best photographs.

“Nightcrawler” was gripping throughout and had the right pace to the film, with the car speeding scenes not taking away the attention from the main storyline. It was enjoyable to watch JG play a character very different to that of Donnie Darko and felt he portrayed the role of LB very well making him believable.

When I left the cinema, I felt happy we had lost track of time and seen this film instead. Sometimes it is good to watch a film you hadn’t intended to watch and be pleasantly surprised. I recommend “Nightcrawler” as an enjoyable thrilling film to watch.

I would give "Nightcrawler" a 3 star rating due to the film being gripping throughout with star performances from the main characters.

Review by Sue Cawte

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