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Film Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens stirs the force in us all!

JJ Abrams’ serving of the latest chapter of Star Wars colours the spectacular and often mesmerising setting of space in vibrant and enchanting hues the audience just cannot turn away from.
Following the classic text-dump at the start of the film, viewers find themselves immersed in an action-packed, fast-talking and well-paced scene which introduces likeable characters with impressive ease, a task often difficult when introducing new characters in a pre-existinghans solo,  fictional world. The audience takes an instant liking to the loveable Finn and stubborn Rey, as well as getting chills from Kylo Ren.
The script itself is rich with nods to the previous films but strikes the perfect balance between nostalgia and a new adventure, managing to honour the earlier characters rather than making them seem out-dated.
The banter between single-minded Rey and heavy-handed Finn is amusing and charming throughout, while the action sequences are fine-tuned and seamlessly executed.
Despite it being a universe layered in fight sequences, race sequences and, yes, genocide, Star Wars has always been about family and belonging at its heart and that’s what JJ saves and celebrates in this segment of the space-based series.
The direction is brilliant, its combination of various forms of technology come together like a musical composition to give something pleasing and utterly engrossing to the senses, to the point where the viewer forgets they’re in the boundless chasm of space.
Though there was outcry regarding the ‘modernising’ and ‘political correctness’ of this new Star Wars, the two leads representing women and ethnic groups rarely shown in blockbusters, are simply disarming. This provides a reassuring reminder that if the story is good, if the script is strong, skin tone, gender and other shallow factors do not matter. Audiences do have the capacity to relate wholly to people different from them, even Solo and Leia’s love story still burns strong, despite their characters being somewhat older than before.
JJ’s take on Star Wars does not just break down barriers, it obliterates them, all beneath the guise of a sci-fi action-adventure with terrific dialogue and mind-blowing action sequences which never quite forgets where it all began as it heads in a new direction. This is why StarWars: The Force Awakens is perfect in every way and has become the first film to gross $700million in just 16 days. The force has awoken on a global scale, kudos to Abrams and his phenomenally talented cast and crew.

Written by Hina malik

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