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Film Review: The Longest Week


What if I tell you that the film that I wish to recommend this week is about a beautiful female model, a rich male artist and a rich male writer wannabe? What if I tell you that she is Olivia Wilde, one of the gents is Billy Crudup and the other one is Jason Bateman? Have I got your attention yet?

I will also tell you then that The Longest Week seems to be a film after a novel by Fitzgerald. If Fitzgerald was still alive, I would swear that he wrote this script. It has glamour, art, silliness, romance, amusement, Americans watching French plays and dancing on French songs. There is passion, sadness, despair and then romance again. This film is one of the silliest romantic films that I have watched in a long time, but so lovely that I watched it twice!

Conrad, played by Jason Bateman, is presented as an aimless rich boy, living the extravagant lifestyle supported by his parents, who finds himself for a while in the situation of being poor while his parents are on a short break up and consequently fortune dispute. It is at this time that Conrad falls in love with Beatrice, a beautiful and sensitive model, whom he first sees on his first ever tube ride. He takes it as a sign, convinces himself that he will see her naked at some point and refuses to look at his situation from a realistic angle, continuing to pretend that he is rich and worry-less.

The major complication comes when Conrad’s good friend and the only person whom he really admires, Dylan (a rich and philanthropist artist), introduces Conrad to Beatrice at a charitable gala suggesting to him that he might be in love with her.

Are you interested yet? Yes! It is funny, it is dramatic, it is silly and as I have accustomed you already, it actually has a twisted ending.

The soundtrack by Jay Israelson is beautiful and made me put my high heels on and dance in my living room during the film.

The dialogues are so funny that I ended up making notes when I watched the film the second time.

This film is just as lovely as a bike ride in the middle of a rainy London, holding hands with the one you are in love with. Nothing spoils it, no disappointment can come in and that is something quite big when it comes to a film.

Of course it is not a masterpiece, nor is it intended to be. This film only wants you to smile at life and hopefully life will smile back at you, just like it does to Conrad, Dylan and Beatrice.

As frivolous as Conrad might be, as pretentious as Dylan insists to be and as charming and simple as Beatrice is, you learn to love each of them in within minutes and feel very tempted to make assumptions of what might happen in this somewhat ménage a trios. And then, the end comes and your eyes get big and you drop a big “really?”, watch the ending credits with a large smile on your face, realising one more time just how complex we all are and that this is what makes life and especially love so beautiful!

Watch the film if you are looking for something light, funny, positive and for some good music.

It is Friday and I will ask you one question before I put the final period: isn't life just the longest week ever after all? Don’t forget to let me know if you danced and dreamed of bike rides in the rain with your loved one.

Until next time, have a blast of a week/life.

Review by Otilia Galca


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