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Film Review: Tower Block

Tower blocks are being demolished and their residents being relocated. In one of the few tower blocks left, which is also scheduled to soon be demolished, a few residents remain on the top floor stubbornly refusing to relocate.

A year after a fifteen year old boy is murdered on the top floor, the residents awake to find that a sniper is picking them off one by one. The film uses imaginative camera work as well as exhibiting some stand out performances from Sheridan Smith who turns in a strong performance as the film's female lead along with Jack O'Connell who, unsurprisingly, delivers a charismatic performance as the unapologetic bad boy.

After reading the film's simplistic premise I felt uninspired to watch the film as it sounded generic and unimaginative. Eventually watching it for its quality cast, only to marvel at the successful execution (pardon the pun) of its plot; providing a heart pounding experience from start to finish.

The film reminds me somewhat of classic movies such as '12 Angry Men' (1957) starring Henry Fonder, 'Panic Room' (2002) starring Jodie Foster or even films such as Howard Hughes' 1980s brat pack classic 'The Breakfast club' or more recently 'Locke' (2013) starring Tom Hardy. In the sense that despite being set and filmed in entirely one location provides and intense watch that keeps you immersed in the story, glued to the screen, on the edge of your seat, simply through the use of imaginative camera work, engaging story lines and perhaps most importantly the expert casting and performances of the actors.

As what is often the most thrilling aspect of these types of movies (as seen in Tower Block) is the engagement of the characters with each other. Tower Block, in my opinion, is well worth the watch for anyone who enjoys a film that keeps you clenched with tenseness from the opening sequence to the rolling of the credits.


By Sophie Watts

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