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Five Tips for Short Story Writers


All short story writers face multiple issues when writing short stories. What should I write about? How do I squeeze my idea into a short story? Will people actually want to read it?

So as a short story writer, I have compiled my top five tips that I find help me the most when trying to write.

  1. Research your genre. Before you can figure out your story, you want to try and ascertain what genre you want to write about. Once you’ve figured that out, take a look at a few other short stories in the genre. It’ll really help you get an idea of what kind of story line you want, what kind of characters you want to include. It may even inspire your own story.

  2. Put some thought into your characters. At the end of the day, you could have an absolutely amazing story line, but if you have weak characters, the story isn’t going to have the kick it needs. If a story has some really good characters and a not so great plot, it’s likely the story can still be carried. Taking some time on them won’t kill you.

  3. Beginning, Middle, End. Don’t forget, all good stories have to have an intriguing beginning, something to hook the reader. A middle that furthers the story. And an end that enlightens readers, hopefully it will give the reader some kind of conclusive satisfaction.

  4. Try not to overthink it, some of my best writing has happened when I’m not even trying to write a story. I literally just sit at my laptop and verbally go for it, letting my mind flow wherever it wants to go. Your mind knows what it wants to write, trust it.

  5. Write something you care about. To be honest writing is such a free art form, it doesn’t matter what you do, someone out there will enjoy it, so go with what feels right. Write something you’re proud of.

By Lauren Noding

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