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From confusion to your first finished story - 6 Month Course, 10 Spaces Available

Want to write a short story? Feeling confused about how to start, or worried you won’t be able to finish? This course will give you a thorough grounding in everything you need to know to be a successful short story writer.

You’ll take on practical writing exercises designed to help you give your ideas structure, creating authentic characters and an engrossing plot.

You’ll learn self-coaching techniques designed to help you beat procrastination and self-doubt.

By the end of this course, you will have written your first story. You’ll be a writer.

1) Learning to start by stopping.

You’ll learn how to calm your mind and allow your thoughts to grow into ideas that will become stories. You’ll see how to pause, and let your creativity take over.And you’ll learn how to choose an idea that you love, and turn it into a plan.


You will be asked to find three short story ideas, using three different methods. For each, you’ll be asked to write a short, simple plan.

2) Developing your idea.

You’ll choose one the three story ideas you planned in Module One and develop it in more detail. Through this process, you’ll get to know your characters, allowing them to guide you through the story. You’ll learn how to get past creative blocks and get words onto the page.


You’ll write the first 300 words of your story. When you’ve finished, you’ll asked to compare it to the plan you wrote in Module One.

3) Developing your characters.

You’ll develop your characters, learning how to create profiles that will make them memorable and interesting. You’ll learn how to use dialogue and descriptive language to bring them to life on the page.


You’ll be asked to imagine that you’ve just got chatting to your main character on a bus. What do you think about them? What do you talk about with them? What important things do you learn about them?

4) Building a world.

Your story has its own world (even if it’s set in your home town). You’ll learn how to use worldbuilding in your story, why it matters, and how to avoid common pitfalls.


You’ll be asked to describe the world in which your story is set, including its history, its politics, its look and feel. You’ll be asked to identify how your main character’s personality is defined by the world in which they live.

5) Planning your story.

You’ll learn how to create a story that you believe in, and that you’ll feel compelled to finish. You’ll learn about plotting, and work on a plan for your story that will take you through to a satisfying end. You’ll learn when to change your plan, and when to stick to it.


You’ll be asked to create a plan for your short story, using a traditional three-part beginning, middle and end structure as your guide. You’ll be asked to assess which parts of the story you think you will find most difficult to write.

6) Write and finish your story.

You’ll learn techniques to deal with self-doubt as you write, and silence your inner critic. You’ll learn how to keep going when writing seems like the last things you want to do. You’ll learn about the importance of sharing and editing your work.


You’ll be asked to write a short story of 1000-2000 words, using the plan you’ve developed as your guide. 

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