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Get your writing project finished - 6 Month Course, 10 Spaces Available

It’s easy to have a brilliant story idea. Writing it until it’s finished? That’s the hard bit.

If you have a head full of unfulfilled ideas, or lots of beginnings that deserve endings, this course is for you.

You’ll learn the practical self-coaching techniques you need to be a successful writer who gets things done.

At the end of this course, you’ll have a finished piece of writing.

1) Making space and time to write.

You’ll discover how to find the time and space you need to write, even when life is busy. You’ll learn how to free your mind from everyday distractions and become absorbed in your work.


You’ll be asked identify the biggest challenges you face in your writing, and find inventive ways to combat them.

2) Sparking your creativity.

You’ll learn how to build authentic worlds and characters that you won’t be able ignore. You’ll learn strategies that will help you stay inspired, whatever else may be happening in your life. You’ll find out what you can do to develop your ideas, even when you’re struggling to write.


You’ll be asked to come up with three different story ideas, using three different methods. You’ll be asked to chose your favourite idea and outline its characters and world.

3) Believing in your ideas.

You’ll see how to choose the right idea to run with…the one that will keep on inspiring you and that you will just have to finish writing. You’ll learn how to identify those times when you should listen to your doubt, rather than pushing through an idea that’s not working.


Using your Module One assignment, you’ll be asked to analyse why you chose the story that you did as your favourite. You’ll be asked to write its first 500 words. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be asked to identify whether that story was the right one to choose, and why.

4) Planning and goal-setting.

You’ll see how to make creative plans that will enhance your enthusiasm, not kill it. You’ll learn how to set authentic, achievable goals and stick to them until the writing is done. You’ll learn how to make planning a part of your creative process.


You’ll use what you’ve learned to make a plan for a piece of writing of your choice. You’ll identify what you find difficult about making your plan, what you found easy, and analyse why.

5) Beating writers block.

You’ll learn why all writers (including the very best) sometimes find it difficult to write, even when they really want to. You’ll discover what practical strategies you can put in place to keep writing, even when you really don’t want to. You’ll learn to see writing as a craft, as well an art.


You’ll be given a personalised writing challenge to meet, based on the story plan you made in Module Four.

6) Living creatively.

You’ll learn how to live a creative life, in which you’ll always have room for writing.You’ll learn how to make creativity a habit that will stick with you forever. You’ll discover the techniques you can use every day to help you write better and faster.


You’ll be asked to finish writing something. This could be a short story, or a discrete part of a longer work. You’ll be asked to submit up to 2000 words of this work, along with an assessment of how you overcame challenges while you wrote. 

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