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How to Create an Illustrious Blog

Having a blog is a huge responsibility. I have witnessed blogs that have grown quiet after only a few posts. In order to maintain a well-respected blog, you need to put in the work. Running a successful blog takes time and effort. Just because you posted two articles does not mean your blog will be an overnight success. There are steps you have to follow and rules you have to abide by to make it so.

Consistency is key

Being consistent helps to build trust between you and your readers. If they are unknowing of when your next post will be, they will probably stop browsing your page. Most of my favourite blogs are ones that update their posts consistently. Don’t leave your readers disappointed by posting inconsistently. Maintain the relationship between your blog and your readers and your audience should grow.

Language and structure

Whichever language you write your blog in, make sure you use the language properly. In this post we’ll focus on English as the language of choice. Always complete a free English grammar check before you post your articles. Check your grammar first because although most applications (Microsoft word, for example) will have a built in spell checker, they do not always pick up on grammatical errors. Go as far as checking your English grammar noun, verb and sentence structure. This should help improve the general flow of your article.

Be niche specific

There are various blogs out there covering a wide range of topics. Though some of these blogs have become successful, I recommend choosing a specific niche. Decide on the topic or genre you want to blog about and choose something you are passionate about. What would you love to write about? Remember, you will have to keep writing consistently over a long period of time so, the general topic needs to be something you enjoy writing about. You will need to produce informative, relevant and exciting content on a regular basis so it is important to love what you write about. Chose a subject that you are unlikely to grow bored of.

Add images

We are visual creatures and are attracted to pretty things. Adding some visuals to your blog will attract the readers. Make sure that the images you choose to post on your blog aren’t too small, out of focus or of poor quality. Take your time editing the images for your website and make sure the quality is of the highest standards. The images on your blog should add value to your content. You want your images to communicate valuable and relevant information to your audience.

Quality content

While writing consistently is important, the main focus should be on writing good quality content. If your content includes new or original information, then your blog is more likely to be indexed on search engines. By all means, write about trending topics but be sure to add value and originality to that trend. Steer away from gaining information from other online sources as you may get penalized. Your mission should be to add value to the lives of your readers and therefore only provide new and current information.

Cite properly

The internet is full of facts. Some true, other not so much. It is important to ensure that your blog is a reputable site, one that is not associated with false facts. Cite your facts and check that the source information is accurate. It may only take one false fact on your blog to create an untrustworthy reputation. Once you lose the trust of your audience, it is all downhill from there. There are thousands of blogs and everyone’s competing for the top spot. Make your blog the go-to place for reliable articles.


Even the best writers don’t know everything. To create compelling and intriguing articles, you have to have researched your topic of choice in depth. Practice your research skills as much as possible. It can take hours of research to acquire a decent amount of knowledge before being able to write about it and to offer your opinion. Your readers deserve to read interesting and necessary information. As the writer, it is your responsibility to provide such information on your blog. Do your best to cover all corners.


Be the best writer you can and turn your blog into an illustrious platform. The power to add value to the lives of others is nothing if not amazing. Maintaining an intriguing and reliable blog will prove satisfying when receiving a positive response from your audience. Make your blog the place they turn to. Become their best online friend.

Article by Linda Jellison 

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