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Introduction to Poetry Writing - 6 Months Course

This course aims to demystify poetry and allow you to reveal your inner poet. It will give you an understanding of poetry and poetic techniques which will help as you progress through your personal and individual journey to creating your own poetry. Across 6 modules, you will begin to recognise and employ the tools crucial to the honing of your poetic craft. You will gain confidence and insight into yourself and your poetic ability. Throughout the 6 month course, you will receive personal feedback and encouragement and at the end, you and your poetry will be ready to face the world!

1) Understanding Poetry.

Learn how to approach a poem with a critical eye. We will look at exploring a poem, identifying key poetic devices and begin to think about structure and meaning.


Discover your inner critic! Write a critical comparison of 2 poems.

2) Channelling Your Human Experience.

Your own experiences are both what makes you unique and what makes others relate to you. Harnessing emotion gives your writing power. In this module, we look at observing the world and exploring ourselves.


Poetry as therapy. Write a poem about a memory which holds emotional significance for you.

3) Subject and Purpose.

In this section, we will focus on why we write poetry and the importance of style and context. Introducing some of the major themes in poetry, we will look at poetry that makes a statement on the world and how it achieves this.


Using one of the major themes, write a poem to challenge someone’s beliefs or invoke a reaction.

4) Words and Images.

Words are crucial to any writing and here we explore language and vocabulary in terms of imagery, atmosphere and characterisation. We will focus on the use and effects of literary techniques in poetry and look at the power of descriptive language and imagination.


Metaphorical language. Write a poem using an extended metaphor.

5) Becoming the Poet You Want To Be.

We will revisit the poetry ideas you had at the start of the course. This module will invite you to critique your own ideas and recognise your strengths. You will utilise your creativity and employ your knowledge of poetry and poetic devices.


Using the skills learnt and revised during this section; write the poem that you want to write!

6) Unleashing Your Poem.

In the final module we will learn editing techniques and look at how to market your poetry. We will investigate how to enter competitions, prepare for poetry readings and explore other avenues for your poem.


Research marketing opportunities for your poem both locally and online. After a final edit, send your poem off into the world!