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Nourishing your inspiration: Relishing and reviving your thoughts

Nourishing your inspiration: Relishing and reviving your thoughts


When writing, it is important to think about the reader, but don’t let this sow seeds of doubt or flatten your ideas. Consider first whether you find the page you’ve written exciting.


If you do, then that’s a good sign! If not, maybe try rewriting it. Take inspiration from your own ideas and whatever else is driving you to write. Pause often to reflect upon what these might be exactly. Eloquence in your writing can come with editing. Sometimes it’s good to pour out your words, and later reshape them.


A writer’s block may arrive if you fear the direction of your writing, or perhaps lack of. So, take a moment to find inspiration, for example on a stroll in and amongst nature, or in the city. If you need a break, this shouldn’t be the end of your story or article. Remember what it is you’re trying to communicate and why you think people will enjoy reading it as much as you do.


Writing is like creating any work of art. The ideas or characters you create will be ones the reader relates to, but the details, twists and turns are yours to impart. As the artist, your mind will unravel at least one step ahead of the words. The greater sense of direction you create the higher chance you have of hooking the reader, and of creating suspense.


Most of all remain true to your own ideas. If your writing is too much of an attempt to satisfy others, the chances are the reader might have read something similar before. Relish your perspective and meditate upon your thoughts. We all like to encounter new perspectives when we read and write.

Advice by Natalia Davies

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