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REVIEW: Ross Kemp: Fight Against ISIS

I settled down to watch Ross Kemp's documentary of the struggle against ISIS where Kemp was behind Kurdish lines backed by the West taking the fight to Islamic State.I have always enjoyed Kemp's documentary series whereby he would be in Afghanistan with British forces in Helmand province on patrol coming up against the Taliban.Other documentary films he has done have focused on gangs around the world and why they operate.In all these films Kemp always put himself on the line often coming under gunfire from the Taliban when he was filming in Afghanistan with British forces or confronting controversial gang members in hard talk style interviews. Kemp, it seems, is prepared to put himself in danger for his trade to get news out that even many reporters on news outlets do not do and I say hats off to him for that.This ISIS documentary was no different and saw Kemp right up on the front line with anti-ISIS forces.

In one scene he was so close to the ISIS front line that he and the documentary-making crew he was with were taking incoming fire from a well-trained ISIS sniper.Apparently the ISIS fighters had identified a Western film crew and had ordered this sniper to seek them out and destroy them. Kemp interviewed one of the anti-ISIS leaders and also interviewed a captured ISIS fighter.The war is certainly against Islamic State and yet they are putting up ferocious resistance almost akin to the resistance encountered by American forces in the Pacific during WWII.

Kemp also spoke of the thousands of people who had been killed or enslaved by the death cult known as ISIS, or Daesh as they are known locally, and how their crimes were akin to the Nazis of WWII.Certainly this documentary is enhanced by Kemp's style of presenting, leaving you knowing what it is like to be in this area of the world right now.

For his part during the filming, and at the end, Kemp makes the viewer realise his views on what is transpiring around him. Kemp is an actor by trade, whether it be in EastEnders or his series about the SAS which aired on ITV some time ago. You often think to yourself why has he not made it in Hollywood like other English actors as an action hero. Nevertheless, Kemp, besides being an actor, has etched out for himself another career as a presenter of hard-hitting upfront documentaries.

By Nicholas Bishop

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