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Starting to write - 12 Month Course

A course designed for people who want to write, or who would like to write but do not know where to start. This is a general introduction to the subject, looking at the different types of writing, techniques, research, use of pictures, editing and finding markets. The aim will be to give participants a clear indication as to the breadth of possibilities, to identify the type of work they prefer and practice the key skills involved.

1) Fiction books.

Looking at the different types of fiction books on the market : adult, children’s and young adult. Identifying characteristics, genres and styles.


Writing a short piece in a chosen style.

2) Non fiction books.

Investigating the different types of non fiction books, their characteristics, styles and content.


Writing a short piece of non fiction writing.

3) E books.

What are e-books, how are they created and sold? How they differ from published books, layout and publishing method.


Creating an outline for an e-book.

4) blogs, web content, opinion pieces.

Writing non fiction for blogs, websites and opinion pieces. How to create basic content.


Writing a short blog of your choice.

5) Script writing.

Basic elements of script writing whether it be for plays, animations, promotional material.


Writing a short script on a subject of your choice.

6) Features and Journalism.

Writing features and news stories is harder than it looks, discover the basic skills and how to do it.


Write a news story.

7) Writing techniques, styles & overcoming writers block.

A look at different writing techniques eg 1st person, 3rd person, academic, professional, chatty, dealing with writers block.


Write the same item in two different ways!

8) How to get ideas.

Where to get ideas from and how to develop them.


Develop an idea for a story or non fiction piece of writing.

9) How to research.

Basic research techniques, where to find research materials, using internet, books, archives, original information, need for accuracy.


Choose a topic relevant to your interests and identify the research materials you would use.

10) Images and how to use them.

Images are essential to accompany every form of writing. Finding and choosing images, creating captions to accompany them, issues of copyright.


Find three images and create captions to go with them relating to a short piece of writing.

11) Editing and proof reading.

How to edit, proof read and create a simple index for a book, or identify SEO words if aiming for internet publishing.


Write, edit, proof read and index a short piece of writing.

12) Publishing methods.

How to find publishers/agents, use self publishing, ebooks or other forms of publishing such as blogs and features. Writing a proposal to a publisher or magazine.


Create a publishing proposal.

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