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The Joys of Being a Writer


As a freelance writer with two jobs on the go, time is a precious thing.

When I graduated, I flung myself from the windows of the education system and in to the working world. I was still completely clueless as to what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

With a degree in English Literature under my arm, I could have done anything from teaching to marketing. As it turns out, I have decided to follow my passions and utilise my creativity… I have decided upon a career that pays peanuts for inordinate amounts of work and research. I have chosen to be a writer.

Staring out as a writer involves making yourself comfy at your desk or under a blanket on the settee with your laptop or your trusty notebook propped up on your lap. The role includes making sure you have enough snacks in the cupboard to keep you going (or at the very least- a jar of chocolate spread) and it involves playing your favourite music almost constantly to help sustain your energy.

While the perks of such an occupation suggest much to be desired, being a writer is a tiresome role; it involves writing in to the early hours of the morning and becoming a coffee addict as consequence. You become obsessed - It’s true. I am obsessed with writing, I go to bed, I lay my head on the pillow and close my eyes, and then I have an idea and this idea just happens to be so good that I must get out of bed and back to my desk to write it down. I must write it down before I forget it… Even at two in the morning. It drives my boyfriend bonkers.

Writing is, most of the time, all I can think about. Even when I don’t mean to think about, it happens anyway! I find inspiration even from the most mundane situations. For instance, when I am at work, I begin to formulate plot twists for my managers and let me tell you, it doesn’t end well for them! When a customer told me about her son who left the UK to live in Canada, I couldn’t help but think about the themes I could bring out of that short conversation and the kind of character she would make, if I were to include her at all that is. If I happen to fall out with a friend or I am informed about some unexpected tragedy… It’s terrible but one of my thoughts would be, this would make a great plot for a story. It’s an addiction really. A sickness of the mind! All joking aside, my point is that being a writer is a full time job.

While writing can be a prosperous occupation, the job itself can be unstable financially, especially if you are just beginning and so it is crucial to make sure you have a decent and stable income. So, I have a job in town. I’d much rather spend all my hours working in town at home writing but it is an essential that most freelance workers can’t afford to pass up. Having a part time job acts a safety net for when freelance business isn’t exactly booming. A usual day for me begins with waking up at seven am and going out to work until five. I come home, have dinner and write… Then I sleep. Though the experience can be entirely exhausting, most of the time I go to bed feeling satisfied and at ease. I throw myself in to my writing which prevents the stress of my retail job following me home.

I’ll be honest, writing requires a lot of hard work and research. The more you write and the more experience you gain, the more you will get paid and the better writer you will become. When I was growing up I was always told that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy and to make sure that I end up doing something that I love for a living, since I will be doing it for the rest of my life. I have always been writing. It has always given me a great sense of satisfaction.

So, I thought why not?


Article by Sophie Dixon 

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