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The Time Machine by H G Wells

The Time Machine by H G Wells takes you on a journey from a Victorian dinner party all the way to the distant future. The time travellers story starts as a whimsical description of futuristic lands populated by strange new plants and even stranger people, but as the true nightmarish nature of this distant world is revealed you will be left praying that things don't actually turn out like that.

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1. Christie wrote:
I recently studied The Time Machine in a speculative fiction course at uni. It was interesting to note that the scientists and mathematicians, the organisations etc were all current within a couple of years of publication. I enjoyed the way that it was separated into sections rather than chapters (not sure why but it somehow made a difference to me!)

I had read the story as a teenager and don't remember much about it except being horrified by the Morlocks. Reading it again as an adult was less about the horror and more interest in the political message. The anti-industrialist themes reminded me of some of Charles Dickens books, Hard Times for example.

Our lecturer told us that with the first edition of the book Wells insisted a white sphinx was on the cover, and it's a shame that that hasn't carried on. The sphinx is the first thing that he sees on arriving in the future, and signifies the presence of unanswerable questions.

I was kind of disturbed by the almost pedophiliac relationship with Weena, particularly as the mother of a young girl. I appreciate that her age is never mentioned, and that the Eloi are small and delicate, but my discomfort came from the way that she is described, how she tries so hard to protect the Time Traveller, and ultimately dies for him while never having been taken seriously.

30/10/2016 @ 3:08 PM

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