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  •  The World Ends at Five & Other Stories by M Pepper Langlinais

The World Ends at Five & Other Stories by M Pepper Langlinais

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The eight tales contained within "The World Ends at Five & Other Stories" are alike only in that they all seem to defy categorization. While combining elements of science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism, these stories stretch beyond the conventions of those genres to deliver a truly unique experience. For instance:

"The World Ends at Five" views the apocalypse through the bureaucratic lens of a Constructor, tasked with building up worlds only to then have to tear them back down again.

In classic Southern Gothic tradition, "A.B.C." explores the tragedy three siblings whose unearthing of a decades-old mystery begins to have unintended consequences in the present.

The island of Japan, long since consumed by the ocean, is unearthed in "Raising the Ruins," while the narrator struggles to come to terms with her cultural identity.

In these and five other narratives, characters are challenged by the twin spectres of the fantastic and the mundane, with singular results.

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