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Top 10 Writing Tools

There are many writing tools online, from spelling and grammar checkers, to writing software. There are even tools that will write the text for you. Here are ten of the best writing tools on the web.

 1 - SpellCheckPlus

This is a tool that was created by a small group of programmers. It is good for catching your typo errors and misplaced commas. One of the downsides is that there are a limited number of characters you’re allowed to include unless you make a donation.


 2 - Dark Room

This is a clone of the OS X (Tiger) ‘WriteRoom’application. It gives you a distraction free environment in which you may proofread or write your work. If used correctly it gives you a highly productive area, where you are less likely to be distracted.

(Available for download for Windows operating systems)

 3 - OpenOffice.org

This is a Microsoft alternative for people that do not want to pay the fees associated with Microsoft Office. It has a word processor and other tools similar to the Microsoft Office suite, except that it is less advanced and less sophisticated. It is free, though, and you can create Microsoft compatible documents and files. It is a handy tool for Windows users.


 4 – AssignmentMasters

The Assignment Masters tool puts the human element back into the writing and checking of your work. The other tools highlighted in this article feature software-intensive means of correcting, writing or improving, whereas the Assignment Masters team are able to take the work off your hands and write your content or essay for you. They also check, edit and proofread your work to ensure it is grammatically correct and error-free.


 5 – Convert Case

You will not recognize the genius of this tool until the day you need it. You may have started typing with capital letters only to then copy and paste content that messes up your font setting. No matter what the case, this tool can make your text all lower case, all higher case, sentence case, or even alternating case if you wish.


6 – Diff Checker

It allows you to place one piece of text on one side and another on the opposite side. It enables you to compare the two texts. If pieces are copied verbatim, be it by accident or design, you will be able to see it with this tool.


 7 - The Story Starter

Write one or two sentences into the space provided and click the button to get your inspiration. The programme will come up with a series of suggestions for you to use for your story, essay or other fictional content. It acts as simply as suggestive inspiration for whatever you are trying to write; you will not get very far if you just copy their suggestion in full.
This tool is great for people that are stuck on a subject and/or have writer’s block.


 8 - Grammar Base

Enter your content into the space provided, or upload a file, and it will give you a series of suggestions on how to correct any mistakes in the text. What is fun is that even if they do not find any errors, they still offer to correct your work for you.


 9 – Copyscape

If you’ve had a piece written by another person, or you are a little afraid that your work is a little too close to the text that inspired it, this is the tool for you! Copyscape runs your work through Google, Yahoo and Bing to check for similar content. If your work is 1%+ similar to another piece listed on the search engines, Copyscape shows you.


10 - ProWritingAid

Here is a free proofreading tool that is rather good - despite the fact it sounds like it is named after a soft drink. You paste your text and it gives you suggestions to improve it. It’s that simple!
It is very easy to use, but they do nag you a little to buy their premium service.



Written by Laura Jonson







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