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TV Review: Humans



When I was talking to a friend on the phone a couple of weeks ago she was raving about a new Sci-Fi drama she’d watched on Channel 4, called “Humans”. I said I hadn’t seen it and besides Sci-Fi programmes weren’t really my thing. After her insisting I would love it I gave in and agreed to watch it on catch up. Well, I could not be gladder that I decided to watch it. Twenty minutes in and I was hooked. I cannot wait to watch the second episode.

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, it’s a Sci-Fi drama set in a parallel present with highly sensitive robotic ‘Synths’ who are used a servants. The Synths are used in schools, houses and other establishments to assist with all domestic duties and other tasks - some of which are creepy. There is a sex shop, which has Synths in separate cubicles; men choose them and they perform the part of a traditional prostitute.

The Synths do not express human emotions and have only a certain lifespan and when they go wrong they are replaced with an upgraded one. It was touching to see William Hurt’s character, George, not wanting to part with his Synth, Odi. George’s synth has memories of his wife he doesn’t want to let go of. The upgraded replacement Synth he is given is named Vera, who comes across as scarily controlling. Vera provides him with food, which she insists he eats and ensures he takes his medication. Failure to comply with Vera will result in her reporting him to the medical services, she informs George, giving him no choice but to go along with her.
The pace of the show is spot on, allowing the viewers to get to know the characters whilst showing glimpses of how the Synths can have a negative effect on the lives of humans. The Synths do not have any emotional or personal feelings; which makes them appear very cold and therefore not, in my opinion, a good idea for human beings to have.

It made me wonder how realistic the show is; what our futures will be like. I remember years ago watching an old show, the name of which doesn’t spring to mind. But it was set in the future with 3D TVs and various other advanced technology ideas which have all come true. At first glance having a Synth to do all of the domestic duties seems like a dream come true for those who hate doing housework. There is, however, the downside of having no human interaction.

I urge anyone who hasn’t been watching so far to watch the drama series before the story develops too much. I guarantee you will enjoy every minute. I am hoping no one is watching it and getting any ideas about creating the Synths in real life. I am putting that out of my mind, though; when I switch on to watch the next episode.

Review by Sue Cawte

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