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What Writers Understand the Most

When you’re a writer you’ll have too much to say but spend too much time figuring out how to say it. Even when your page has been left blank for two hours, it’s never because you’re actually speechless, you just don’t know how to use the words.

You’ll be one of those people that gets told to regularly bite their tongue and grit their teeth, as writers always have this overwhelming urge to convey their thoughts. Writers have so many words imprisoned in their mind waiting to be released to the world.

Writers notice everything. Little things and significant things. They’ll notice the specks of hazel in your eyes amongst the blue. They’ll notice when you’re miserable. Then they do what they do best and write about it.

A writer is sensitive to the internal and external existences. A writer is as sensitive to their own feelings of anxiety, pain and joy as they are to others'. Sensitive to the feeling of rain on their skin and the overbearing heat from the sun.

As a writer, you will live in two worlds. You will live in the outside world along with society, where you connect deeply with your friends over a cup of coffee and invest in a plane ticket to Europe. You will also live in a world entirely of your own, which belongs to the large space in your head. A space full of characters, ideas, and an alternative reality that you may follow. You will enjoy a rich bond to your own private island that you consistently travel to throughout the day - when you get tired of the outside world.

Writers are pretenders. They essentially pretend for a living. This makes them good actors. A writer is in touch with their imagination on a higher level and this they can use to their advantage. They can make anything mundane seem incredible.

A writer is the ultimate creator and shape shifter. They follow a lifestyle of endless possibility. Anything can happen. They need to believe that nothing is impossible because with too much structure, obligation and restriction, they cease to create which means they cease to write. A writer needs flexibility, they need their words to flow easy, to alter or change when needed, which makes writers themselves compatible people because they’ll be okay if you don’t always follow the rules.

A writer is an uncomfortable, discontent and incomplete person. This is why they write. They have the gift to write about what they are uncomfortable, discontent and incomplete about.

They are the soldiers of empathy. To be good at what they do they must master the task of looking at life through another person’s eyes. They can get inside your head to understand how you feel and to understand not only you, but their characters.

Writers are some of the most tragic people you will meet, be prepared. What some people keep private and locked away, writers will pour out like a water fall and are the last people to suffer in silence. To a writer, one of their biggest fears is silence. To have no voice, to be kept quiet, to be banished of communication. Writers are motivated by the ability to communicate what they want.

To a writer, the worst thing you could do is put them in a cage; it will only end with a prison break.

Written by Courtney Ann

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