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Which Blogging Hacks make your Content Catchier?


With so many bloggers posting every day, blogging has become very competitive. If you want to stay ahead of the game, it is important to create content that is both catchy and engaging. 

Your content is shared information which should improve the life of the reader. You want to impress every single person who clicks on your website or blog. Every time someone reads your work, they need to connect with you and your platform. The question then becomes; how do I do that? It’s pretty simple: Just follow these hacks and before you know it, you will have more traffic and happier subscribers.

Tell a story

Don’t you just love a great story? Take your readers on a storytelling journey and write in such a way that they relate, empathize and understand every part of that journey. You can tell a story about anything. Perhaps you finally figured out how to get more followers on twitter or one of your products are receiving good reviews. Whatever story you decide to tell, make sure to stick to the normal story guidelines. You can paraphrase online free of charge if you feel your story needs something extra that you find you are unable to do.

Offer facts

The internet is full of people looking for information and if you can provide them with facts that are true, you have won half the battle. One thing to remember is that there is already a lot of good content online and if you want to engage your audience, you can add something extra. Do proper research to come up with these facts or do your own case study. These facts will then be unique to your site and you will gain your readers trust. There should be a paraphrase service UK available to help you prevent plagiarism.

Start with a catchy headline

Your title or headline is probably the most important part of your article. However, that is not to say that your content should be of a lesser quality. When you have a great headline, there is a better chance that people will click on your link and read your article. You should catch the audience’s attention quickly because there is a lot of other search options asides from yours.

Be relatable

Give your readers some insight into who you are. Many articles online seem almost robotic and are unclear of whether there is a human behind the words. People relate to people and it is acceptable to be a bit vulnerable if it is appropriate for your content. Showing your readers that you a human being, just like them, is a great way to engage with your audience. Blogging is almost like trying to make friends with the cool kids and doing anything to impress them. This is how you win over your audience and increase your traffic.

Simple language

Unless you have an educational blog where you are trying to teach people new and big words, write the way normal people speak. Keep your writing clear and concise so that your viewers can read your content comfortably. Choosing the appropriate language style of your writing depends on who your audience is. Keeping your language style simple basically means getting right to the point. You don’t have to sound fancy in your blog posts if you want people to connect with you.

Ask your audience

Have a look in your comments section or on your social media profiles and see what your audience are saying. Are there any similar questions that you could possibly answer? You can even go as far as ending your article by asking your audience what else they want you to write about. This way, you are showing the readers that you are interested in them and that your blog is written with them in mind.


There is always a place for a new blog on the internet however, there is a right and wrong way of blogging. Make sure your blog speaks to the people searching for good content. You want your content to be of the highest quality to gain credibility. This way, the search engines will begin prioritizing your blog and you might move up a few pages in the search engine. Of course, your focus is always on the people and not the search engines although, this is a win-win situation.

Showing your readers that you have taken the time to produce good content will help build a relationship of trust. Once you have that relationship, assuming you continue to impress, you can be rest assured. Your blog can be successful and you can have the traffic numbers that you dreamt about. Set goals for yourself, work hard to achieve them and you will get there.

Article by Linda Jellison

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