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Writing original scripts - 6 Month Course

Have you ever daydreamed your story idea and imagined it as a film? Do you love theatre and long to have your own words spoken by actors on a stage? Maybe you listen to radio dramas and know you could write one too. Well, you could. All you need is the know how and a little guidance. Whether your passion is for film, stage or radio, you can write the script you’ve been dreaming of writing.

This specially designed script writing course will take you from those first story ideas, right through to the finished product. In this 6 step course you’ll learn about using dialogue, story and ideas, editing, and preparing your script for submission. You’ll be set assignments and receive personal feedback and help along the way.

Learn how to transform your ideas into scripts and turn your dream into reality.

1) Ideas and research.

Where do ideas come from and how do you know they’re right for a script? Starting with the very basics, we look at ideas and how to recognise which will work for stage, screen and radio.


Write an essay explaining your central idea and why you think it works for the media you’ve chosen.

2) The story.

The story is the most central component in your script and it’s important to consider it carefully. Without story there is no script. In this section you’ll look at understanding your story and how you’ll make it work.


Write an essay about how your story will be told in the media you’ve chosen, taking into consideration technical requirements.

3) Dialogue.

How your characters speak is an extension of who they are and crucial to the development of your script. Whichever media you’re writing for, dialogue is the life blood of your script. Learn how to write convincing dialogue and make your script shine.


Write a scene from your story using only dialogue and make your characters speak in individual voices.

4) Writing an original script.

In this section we focus on writing the script. It’s useful to learn how to write for different media and transferring your skills is good practise. You’ll learn what makes a stage, screen or radio play unique and how to write for live actors.


Write your chosen script in your preferred media.

5) Preparing to submit.

You’re ready to send your script out to directors, producers and other markets. You need to make sure you’re prepared. In this section you’ll learn about approaching agents, directors and producers by preparing treatments, outlines and synopsis.


Depending on your chosen media, write a longline, treatment, outline and synopsis.

6) Markets and opportunities.

So, you have your script ready, but where do you send it? Lastly, we’ll spend some time looking at markets and opportunities for script writers, how to find them and which are best for you.


Find and make a list of markets, opportunities and agents.

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